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Yeah Mad aka YeahMadTV is an Australia-based entertainment media company. It was founded by Ben McCarthy in March 2023. The company shares entertaining humor content across notable social platforms.

Over the past half year, the channel went from having no audience to over a million subscribers on YouTube. Further, the company amassed more than 1.5 million followers and 700k followers on Tiktok and Instagram respectively.

Yeah Mad (YeadMadTV) Cast

Yeah Mad often comes up with entertaining series such as Dad Jokes, Charades, and much more. They have a fixed cast lineup with minor additions/subtractions in between. As of now, the cast includes seven people namely Abby Boom, Sammy Walsh, Andrew Hamilton, Akila, Matty Penglase, Sath, and Alan Fang.

Apart from these, a few others have made cameo appearances on the channel as well. Those include Chloe Maddren, Steph, Rodney, and a few others. Continue reading to know more about them in detail.

Abby Boom

Abby Boom was born in an American family on 24 October 1997 in Australia. Her nickname is Abby and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She belongs to the LGBTQ+ community. Though she completed high school graduation, her higher studies are unknown.

While she is unmarried, she is also not romantically linked with any person. Further, she didn’t reveal any information about her family members.

As a cast member of Yeah Mad, she appears in almost every single video shared by them. A clip featuring her attracted over 10.5 million views on Instagram.

She shares her gorgeous pictures and short videos on major social media platforms. While she has over 283k followers on Instagram, she is followed by about 100k people on Tiktok. Read more

Sammy Walsh

Sammy Walsh is the only regular female cast on the YeahMadTV’s YouTube channel. She was born on 13 April 1991 in New South Wales, Australia. Her nickname is Sammy and her zodiac sign is Aries.

Walsh’s marital status is a mystery but one of her Instagram posts suggests her marriage with a person named David Azzi. Her father’s name is Paul Walsh and her mother is Gayle Walsh. Her siblings are Sarah and Jack Walsh.

Prior to appearing in the YouTube videos, she worked a corporate job for more than six years. However, her social media popularity rose after she was cast in the videos on the Yeah Mad’s channel.

While she doesn’t have an individual YouTube channel, she is active on other social platforms. Currently, she has more than 154k followers on Instagram. Continue reading

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton is a standup comedian based in Sydney. While pursuing standup as a profession, on the other hand, he appeared in the Yeah Mad’s channel videos.

Though he pursued higher education, he got into dr*gs and g@mbling which altered his life. While working a PR job, he got into selling dr*gs and eventually got arrested.

Throughout his life, he always wanted to pursue comedy. The moment came after he was released from the jail. He restarted his life by performing at open mic nights across NSW.

Eventually, he became popular and is best known for his show Jokes About The Time I Went To Prison. Apart from comedy, he appears on Yeah Mad TV and two podcasts namely Sh*t’s Gone Sideways and Flog Cabin.


Akila (full name: Akila Amaratunga) is an internet personality and corporate employee. As per his LinkedIn handle, he currently works as a Marketing and Content Coordinator at One Day Entertainment.

He completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a Marketing major at the University of New South Wales. His ethnic background is Brown while he is an Australian. However, he hasn’t shared any details about his parents or siblings.

Similar to others, he consistently appears on various episodes on the Yeah Mad channel. Looking at his social media following, he has over 26k followers on Instagram.

Matty Penglase

Matty Penglase was born in an Australian family in Australia. He is one of the seven regular cast members on the YeahMad YouTube channel. His hilarious dad jokes have made him one of the most loved members.

He is a pretty private person and hasn’t shared any details about his family or early life. Further, he is quite inactive across social media and has only about 18k followers on Instagram.

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Sath (full name: Sath Nadesan) is a Sydney-based comedian. Like Andrew, he also pursued a career as a standup comedian. However, he also worked a job on the side to make extra income.

After feeling bored with his life, he left for a small village in Sri Lanka to live among monks for a few months in 2022. He says that it is the most life-changing experience for him.

Upon his return, he continued doing the same things with a different mindset. Also, he started his new journey as a content creator for Yeah Mad TV in 2023.

Alan Fang

Alan Fang is a writer, filmmaker, and comedian. As per his LinkedIn profile, he is currently 21 years old.

He attained a diploma in Screen Media and Film from the Academy of Film, Theatre, and Television. He belongs to an Asian ethnic background and his nationality is Asian-Australian. However, there is no information available about his family.

Previously, he worked various jobs in the photography and video production field. Right now, he is a loved Yeah Mad cast member who has over 54k followers on Instagram.

Image source: Yeahmad’s official website.

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