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Graham Stephan is an American real estate agent living in Los Angeles. He got famous on the internet through his YouTube channel named after his real name. He is successful on YouTube with over 1.35 million subscribers. Read more to know Graham Stephan net worth, age, wiki, height, weight, bio, girlfriend, biography, income, etc.

Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan Wiki 

Real Name Graham Stephan
Nickname Graham
Profession Real Estate agent & YouTuber
Age 29 (as of 2019)
Date of Birth April 22, 1990
Birthplace Los Angeles, USA
Hometown Los Angeles, USA
Zodiac Sign Tauras
Nationality American
Religion Not known
College Not known
Hobbies Making YouTube videos
Famous For His YouTube videos


Graham Stephan was born on April 22, 1990, which makes him 29 years old as of 2019. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, USA. He was never interested in going to school and considered himself as a poor student. 
He got his first ever job when he was just 13 years old. He worked at a marine aquarium wholesaler and his job was to take the pictures of came in inventory and upload it on their website. It was a very simple job and he was paid $1 for 1 photo. He manages to take 25 to 35 pictures an hour and easily made around $30 an hour. That job lasted till he was 16.
At the age of 16, he was a drummer in a rock band but he later realized that it was not for him. Finally, a few months after he turned 18, he got himself a real estate license and began his career as a real estate agent. After this, he never went to college.
Real Estate Career
Graham started his real estate career in 2008. His strategies were different from others. In the beginning, he focused on the areas in which real estate agents usually ignore and made income through them. Though the income of those areas was comparatively less, it was sufficient for him.
One thing he noticed in the real estate ads was that they didn’t have good pictures for the lease listings. So, he reached other real estate agents and offered to take photos of listings and put them on the internet. For all the deals he made through the ads, he would receive some percent of commission. This different strategy of Graham helped him in his career.
At the age of 26, he became a millionaire.

YouTube career
He started his YouTube at the beginning of 2017. He started making videos on YouTube with a motive to share his experiences in the real estate world. Though he didn’t quite make money in the first 6 months of starting his YouTube channel, he started to make big numbers on YouTube in the second half of 2017. His first-ever viral video was How I Became a Millionaire in Real Estate by 26 which was gained over a million views. 
In 2018, his channel completely blew up and he was a good income from the channel. By the end of the year, he had around 300k subscribers. 2019 was an even better year for Graham where his channel gained 1 million subscribers in 365 days. For a real estate channel, this is a great achievement. Now, he is currently sitting with 1.36 million subs.

Stephan started his second channel named “The Graham Stephan Show” in March 2019. He has over 263k subscribers on the channel. He uploads all kinds of videos on this channel mostly real estate videos.

Family & Girlfriend

He didn’t reveal any information about his family pubically anywhere. 
Coming to his relationship status, he was single for a long time and even made a video talking about why he was single but recently he got into a relationship with a girl. She was featured in a few videos on both of his channels. His girlfriend name is Gigi.

Graham Stephan Girlfriend
Graham Stephan Girlfriend

Physical Appearance

Height – 5ft 7 inches
Weight – 63kg
Hair color – Black
Eye color – Brown

Graham Stephan Net Worth

Graham is one of those people who doesn’t hide his income. Most people hate to talk about the topic of money but Graham’s whole YouTube channel is about money. So, it wouldn’t be justified if doesn’t his income with his subscribers. 
He shares his income by uploading videos whenever required. In 2017, he showed his YouTube earnings of a video that had 1 million views. The video has earned him over $7000. When compared with other channels, Graham’s channel has higher CPM. His CPM is around $5 – $10 which is not normal. 
He has a total of six income sources i.e., YouTube, real estate, rentals, online courses, affiliates, and sponsors. His main sources are real estate and YouTube. Let’s see his income through each source
YouTube – He usually makes around $80,000 each month and it can go as high as $100k.
Real Estate commissions – According to Forbes, he makes around $9000 per month.
Rentals – It is estimated at around $15k per month.
Online Courses – Graham sells two courses i.e., The Real Estate Agent Academy & The YouTube Creator Academy. Most of his subscribers buy these courses and he usually makes around $30k per month. 
Affiliates & Sponsors – This income through this source is not yet known.
After doing all the calculations, it can be concluded that Graham Stephan’s net worth is $2 – $3 million.

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Facts about Graham Stephan

–   He made $103k from his YouTube channel in 30 days (April – May 2019).
–   Stephan saves 99% of his income as he likes to keep his expenses low. He believes in saving money and investing in real estate at the right time.
–   He doesn’t desire to become a billionaire but his goal is to get to $10 million.
–   He desires to travel around different countries but he still thinks he got more time to travel.
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